Monday, 13 December 2021

What should be an ideal trading strategy for Banknifty | 14th December 2021

Banknifty performance for 13th December;

As mentioned in yesterday's post, the banknifty trade plan market was bearish. In daily time frames, 37460, 37750,38200, to 38400 are AVWAP resistance, and  37750 is working as support. The market is still in the "sell on the rise" mood. 

FII and PRO data in derivative market

FII and Pro are the net sellers in the market. Today's data as valuestock

Possible banknifty movement for 14th December

There is a fear in the Market. The Market might correct more. Critical support is the gap between 7th and 8th December might act as a support for tomorrow.

Astrological prediction 

The Market might remain bearish. 

What should be the ideal strategy for the trade tomorrow?

Nowadays, the market is volatile. The batman strategy, which involves selling two ratio trades at far OTM on both calls and put sides, is the most suitable in a volatile market. You may view Roshan's video on youtube to learn the strategy and its possible adjustments.

Evergreen BATMAN strategy

Click the link to watch the option strategy video on youtube

How to take trade after building option strategy in opstra?

I save the strategy in Real Portfolio in Opstra. I follow the trade progress and requir eadjustent on Opstra. I only login to my tradin account if I have to modify the trade

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