Thursday, 30 December 2021

bank nifty levels for tomorrow-31122021

How did Banknifty trade in the last expiry of 2021

Banknifty January future closed at 35300. It is still a lower high and lower structure, as shown in the below picture. The blue zone marked are supply and demand zone that formed during the recent correction.

The daily chart confirms banknifty will be positionally bullish only after 36000 and positionally sell below 34200. We expect a large trend post-breakout of any of these two levels.

What is the Banknifty range today?

Banknifty formed higher high and higher low structures in the 15-minute time frame. It has a premium of over 250 points.

The convergence of 13EMA, 21 EMA, and 55 EMA and its proper alignment shows positive bias in the market, and the CCI indicator shows the last 3 days shows the market is rangebound.

Experts Views on Bank Nifty for Monday

 Nifty Bank technical analysis

I use multi-timeframe CCI and wave structure instead of the single best technical indicator. This combination helps to find out various critical support and resistances of the market.

banknifty option chain analysis using sensible

FII and Pro closed short positions in the market. 

Bank Nifty Jan Future Open Interest Volume is at 22.8 lakh. The cost of Carrying increased, which means market participants are bullish in market.

  • MAX Pain is at 35000.
  • PCR @ 0.96.
  • Rollover cost @35213 will act as good support for January.

Banknifty Astro prediction for  31st December and onwards.

 It is Saturn star day, and the market will have a bullish bias as discussed in the previous article: Banknifty prediction from 28th December to 3rd January 2022

There will be unusual dips in the market in January after 10th January 2022

Is Bank Nifty bullish or bearish?

Expert views by several traders based on market structure, Future and option data analysis, and astrological prediction are bullish, as discussed above. 

Also, tomorrow will be the first day of the new clearing and the last trading day of the month. 

I will wait for the buy trade tomorrow.

Bank nifty levels for Monday using spot levels

I will initiate bullish trade above 35100 with a stop loss at 34960 for intraday. My first target will be 100 points. 

Monday, 27 December 2021

Banknifty prediction from 28th December to 3rd January 2022

Banknifty investing and trading in the last week of December

Banknifty is in a critical position. Today, Banknifty future closed at 35100.

Is banknifty bullish?

BNF cash levels took support on 233 ema on the daily chart. This double bottom formation in the daily chart indicates a possible bounce up.

BNF levels for the December expiry

Source: Rajendra Suryawanshi Stock Market Academy

7 Factors influencing the Indian market now

1. Indian market fell by 8%, which is the least compared to the international market. This might allow the Indian market to bounce. 

2. Fear actor on Omicron reduced for now. 

3. Number of weekly expiries reduced to 4 from 7. This will impact FII and PRO traders' trading strategies. 

4. Depreciation of Indian currency 

5. FIIs took out 4 billion USD from India 

6. Astrological forecasts for next week 

  •  Monday is moon star day, so the market might be confusing. Monday's high and low break will decide the following few days' trends. 
  • Tuesday market opens strong, but the overall trend might be bearish 
  • Wednesday will be Rahu star day, and we might observe colossal volatility. I expect the day's end will be vital. 
  • Thursday's first half will be bullish. 
  • Friday and following Monday (3rd January) might be the bullish day. 

 7. Future and option data:

The market is in buy bias. We can expect mild to a strong positive movement for the next few days.

Wednesday, 22 December 2021

Experts view on banknifty for 23th December

Is Bank Nifty bullish or bearish today?

Banknidty daily chart

As discussed yesterday, Banknifty future gave a bullish move and closed at 35155. 

Bank Nifty Nov Future Open Interest Volume is at 23.4 lakh with liquidation of 0.03 Lakh contract, with an increase in Cost of Carrying suggesting SHORT positions were closed today.

  • FII and Pro reduced short positions
  • MAX Pain 35000
  • PCR @ 1.01
  • The Optionchain indicates decent support at 34800 and reasonable resistance at 35200
  • Positional long can be initiated above 20 days moving average or above 37750 as that was the last swing high.
  • The gap between 34123 to 35350 will act as resistance 
Banknifty intraday trading levels based on banknifty spot levels

  • Buy Above 35080  Tgt 35200 
  • Sell Below 34900  Tgt 34775 
How to intraday option strategies till budget 

Trading near VWAP for the call side might be very rewarding


Tuesday, 21 December 2021

tomorrow bank nifty prediction| trade plan

How did banknifty perform today?

Banknifty formed a perfect Doji pattern and closed @34727.    

  • Open interest analysis
  • FII and Pro reduced short positions today. Total FII+Pro short positions are -419897. Bank Nifty Nov Future Open Interest Volume is at 23.4 lakh with liquidation of 2 Lakh contract, with a decrease in the cost of carrying suggesting SHORT positions were closed today.

  • Option chain analysis
  • Max pain 35900
    PCR 0.76
    36000 strike has highest call and put option

  • Is Bank Nifty bullish or bearish tomorrow -Astrological prediction
          The market seems to be bullish tomorrow.

Banknifty trading view chart

Banknifty investing

Banknifty corrected more than 7000 points. 

Long-term investors make a one-time investment of Rs 2 lakhs for 15 to 18 years. Investors can make wealth creation and monthly return from this one-time investment by selling monthly OTM calls

Banknifty share price levels for intraday trade

Banknifty will be ideal for positional short below 34000 until the broader market and index forms higher and higher low in the sixty-minute chart.

Intraday trading levels based on the spot price

  • Buy Above 34730 Tgt 34950
  • Sell Below 34570 Tgt 34390

Banknifty future strategy

The market is in a downtrend. The best strategy would be to sell future below todays' low and hedge the same with the ATM call option. Positional long trade can be initiated once BNF closes above 21 ema in the daily time frame.

Banknifty Opstra option trading strategy

Working professionals can do credit call ratio spread and a debit bear spread. The position can be created in Opstra, and analysis can be done for various scenarios. Next, the tested strategy can be initiated in a live account.

Is there any chance for nonworking people to participate in the options trade?

Nonworking people can initiate spread in the direction of the trend. This is a risk-defined strategy.

Monday, 20 December 2021

Banknifty today prediction - trading plan

How did banknifty perform today?

As discussed in Bank NIFTY में कैसे करें आज Trade plan post, bank nifty had a gap-down opening. During Sun sub lord time it shows some recovery. Banknifty low was near 34000 and also closed to weekly support levels as discussed in yesterday's article.

Nifty 500 is in lower high and lower low structure

Astrological positions indicate bullish days for 21st and 22nd December.

FII are net sellers in the cash market. 

Trading plan for 21st December 

Short positions can be initiated below 34000 or near resistance levels. 
The market is not suitable for positional long. 

Sunday, 19 December 2021

Bank NIFTY में कैसे करें आज Trade plan

Banknifty trend following for next week

I discussed on12th Dec the banknifty trade plan that the next week the market will be bearish. We observed the same trend and booked good points in both indices.

Munaffe Ki Taiyari in Banknifty

Banknifty Chart Analysis

Banknifty is in a downtrend in monthly, weekly, and daily time frames I have marked critical support levels across all the three-time frames. 
Banknifty positional long trade can be initiated above 37500. BNF is about to break the previous month's low. Any close below last week's low will ensure a lower high and lower low structure for the market. 
HDFCbank, SBI are all trading near important support levels.

Future and Option analysis

35500 strike PCR is at 4. This indicates strong support at that level. FII and Pro are net sellers in the market. The data shows extreme fear in the market. There might be a relief rally in the market soon.

Key parameters for the market


  • Dollar index 96.945, INR 76.013 which increases the current account deficit.
  • US tapered down BOND buying so liquidity will reduce. 
  • FED will increase interest three times next year. These are not supporting for the Indian market. 
  • The spread of OMICRON is a threat in the future for the market. 


  • Higher GST collection
  • PCR of near week 0.49. This might restrain further downfall immediately. 
  • Nifty and banknifty is trading at a premium.
  • Option chain analysis shows market should move up 

A budget rally might start soon 

Astrological forecast for next week

The market might see a gap-down opening during Rahu and Ketu star time on 20th December. 
 I expect the market will remain bullish next week. 

Critical levels for next week

  • 35620 will act as  trend changing level
  • Upper levels are 36400, 36900,37350
  • Lower levels  are  35500, 35300, 35000,34000

Option trading strategies for banknifty

Indian VIx was 16.34.  

Payoff chart 

The safe range for the strategy: 34000 to 39000

Tuesday, 14 December 2021

Banknifty trade plan - 15th December

How did bank nifty perform today?

Bank nifty had a gap-down opening. It filled the gap and closed above VWAP. In the daily chart, BNF is bullish as per the multi-frame CCI chart, as shown below.

Banknifty chart analysis

Banknifty is trading between 37445 and 35751. 

Banknifty Future and option data

FII and Pro is net seller in the market. The market will go down if this trend continues. This significant sell position might trigger a short-covering rally in the coming expiry.37000 strikes will be critical for this week's expiry.

Astrological prediction

Tomorrow moon will be in Barani star; we might see a trending move tomorrow. 

A safe option strategy in a volatile market

The double ratio spread is a safe options strategy in a volatile market.  

BATMAN strategy payoff chart. This strategy deployed for January 2021

Range 33400  to 41500 

Option Greeks 

  • Delta 8 
  • Theta 2300
  • Vega -8567

The ratio of spread  1:3.1

Exit plan 

  • Profit  40000
  • Around mid-January 
  • Banknifty Jan future comes close to 34000 or 40000 


  • The position is sensitive to volatility, so vega need to be managed to keep Vega/Theta <3
  • Hedged future to manage delta risk of the strategy.

Tomorrow banknifty prediction

Today's high and low will work as support and resistance because today was astrological pressure date. Banknifty buy can be initiatd above 36900 and sell trade can be initiated below 36800. critical times are 10:15 AM and 12:30 PM. Market closing ight be bearish.

Monday, 13 December 2021

What should be an ideal trading strategy for Banknifty | 14th December 2021

Banknifty performance for 13th December;

As mentioned in yesterday's post, the banknifty trade plan market was bearish. In daily time frames, 37460, 37750,38200, to 38400 are AVWAP resistance, and  37750 is working as support. The market is still in the "sell on the rise" mood. 

FII and PRO data in derivative market

FII and Pro are the net sellers in the market. Today's data as valuestock

Possible banknifty movement for 14th December

There is a fear in the Market. The Market might correct more. Critical support is the gap between 7th and 8th December might act as a support for tomorrow.

Astrological prediction 

The Market might remain bearish. 

What should be the ideal strategy for the trade tomorrow?

Nowadays, the market is volatile. The batman strategy, which involves selling two ratio trades at far OTM on both calls and put sides, is the most suitable in a volatile market. You may view Roshan's video on youtube to learn the strategy and its possible adjustments.

Evergreen BATMAN strategy

Click the link to watch the option strategy video on youtube

How to take trade after building option strategy in opstra?

I save the strategy in Real Portfolio in Opstra. I follow the trade progress and requir eadjustent on Opstra. I only login to my tradin account if I have to modify the trade

Sunday, 12 December 2021

Banknifty trade plan and investing 13th Dec - 17th Dec

Banknifty weekly trade plan - 13th Dec to 17th Dec

BNF spot opened at 36252 and closed at 37105. It closed the previous week high. This is a bullish sign. It is expected BNF will retrace 38.2%, i.e., 38000. BNF will be bearish zone below 35300.

Nifty 500 structure improved. The market is yet to return to higher high and higher low form in the daily time frame 

Bank nifty future daily chart

In daily time frame, BNF is trading between AVWAP support 35750 and AVWAP resistance37300. A new all-time high can be witnessed if BNF breaks 35500 with volume and good momentum. AVWAP levels are very reliable levels for taking positional trading.

Critical support and resistance for next week

BNF weekly chart. Support and resistances are based on candlestick analysis.

Bank nifty Future and options data analysis

The data shows FII and Pro slowly increasing shorts in the market. 

  • MAXPAIN 3700
  • OI build up 
            Put Option  37000
            Call Option 37500, 3800
  • PCR 0.89
  • Implied volatility 19.46 
  • Historical volatility (10days) 21.18

The astrological prediction of the market for next week

Next week might be bearish

Domestic and international factors

International and domestic closed strong

Banknifty spot trading levels

Nifty is in a trading range. Need to buy near support and sell near support. 


Thursday, 9 December 2021

Bannifty trade plan|9th Dec 2021

How was banknifty today?

Today, the banknifty future gave both sides movement. BNF closed at 37203, which is 0.53 % from yesterday's close. However, it closed above 13 EMA second day, which is a good sign for bulls. Banknifty is trading above 34 ma in the weekly chart.

FII net seller in the cash market. The Broader market shows indication for possible improvement but depends on follow-up buying across conters.

Banknifty chart analysis for 10th December

Important support and resistance

35692 is a strong support 37450 and 37790 are strong resistances.

Future and Options data analysis

FII again increased their short positions. PRO reduced long positions. The market shows bearish trends as FII and PRO are the net sellers in the market.

  • Maxpain 37500
  • PCR 0.97

The market might witness a massive sell-off based on open interest data.

Astrological prediction for tomorrow and Monday 13th December

Tomorrow moon is ar Rahu star Satvisha. The market might open gap up or gap down. I expect tomorrow will be a trending day.  

Monday (13th December) might be a bearish day.

How to trade banknifty tomorrow

If BNF trades above today's high for 10 min, I will go long, and 1st target will be 37950. If nifty bank future breaks today's low 37000, I will short banknifty for 1st target of 36100

Tuesday, 7 December 2021

banknifty trade plan |8th Dec 2021

How did banknifty perform today?

 Banknifty was bullish today in UttarSada star and gave a bearish move yesterday in Purvasada Nakshatra. Banknifty future closed at 36771.95 after a move of 2.45%. Today, the people who bought bank bees on 200 days moving average got a handsome reward.

Banknifty daily chart analysis for 8th December 2021



AVWAP support level 35673 protected, and next AVWAP resistances are 37440, 37800. Today. banknifty closed near 13 ema in the daily chart. Now, 13 ema (36919) and 21 ema (37300) will act as dynamic resistance for the immediate bullish movement.

Banknifty formed a cup & handle structure at the bottom. If the cup & handle breakout happens, a 1500 point movement can be witnessed.

Banknifty Future and Options data analysis

  • max pain 36500
  • VIX 18.46
  • % index netlong by FII and Pro - 2.64. FII and pro closed short positions
  • PCR jumped to a bullish area
  • The net short position of FII and pro is reducing gradually. This gives occasional short covering rally. 
  • Banknifty support moved to 36500.  RBI monetary policy to decide 36500 / 37000 expiry.

Trading levels

Will go positional long in future once banknifty closed above 21 EMA.


  • bullish above 37730 
  • bearish below 36500

Monday, 6 December 2021

Banknifty investing and trading plan| 7th December

How did Banknifty perform today?

Today, 6th December, is another bearish day for banknifty. Today banknifty fell by 1.27%.
Banknifty closed near to 200-day moving average. This is an excellent point to invest in banknifty bees. 
Banknifty future is near AVWAP support 35666. 
We will consider this fall a healthy correction in the Bull market till 35666 is protected on a close of business ( COB) basis.

How did banknifty constituents perform today?


FII is building long put. Are they hedging their stock futures or index futures?

Open interest and option chain analysis

source: valuestock

FII and Pro are net short in the market.

36000 strike has lost equal OI for Call and put. 

35500 witnessed huge put writing. This might be the expiry level if the market fails to move above 36000.

Bannifty levels for tomorrow

 Will short below 35600. This will be an intraday trade.

Saturday, 4 December 2021

Banknifty analysis and trade plan | 6th Dec21

Banknifty monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly analysis

      Banknifty trading view chart in daily, weekly and monthly timeframe

Banknifty chart shows AVWAP level around 35600 gave good support to Banknifty in monthly, weekly and daily time frame. There was good accumulation near this zone, and banknifty formed a perfect Doji candle in a weekly chart after continuous fall for 3 weeks. 

Any breakout of last week's high can take BNF towards 37400 and 37800.

If  bank nifty has two close below 35600, the market might witness a sharp fall

Banknifty future has a more 100 point premium.

Moving averages

BNF spot is trading above 13 EMA.

Bank nifty spot took support on 34 EMA (35963), and  21 EMA  (37030) will act as a dynamic resistance. 


I consider RSI(9) and Eher Fisher to determine strength. 

As per these two indicators, the monthly trend is mildly bullish, but weekly, daily is strongly bearish.

Multi timeframe analysis using CCI indicator

Immediate last 3 days trend is bearish.

Daily candlestick analysis

Gann Astro technical analysis 

Fall started from 27th October. The price time square analysis price falls for 4,16,25 and 49 days. The price achieved 1st price time square in current fall on 29th November. 

A new fall cycle will start if the price breaks low on 29the November. 

Price moves up for 4 days from low of 29th November. If the upmove continues and the high of 3rd December breaks before 9th days from 29th November, we will calculate a new price time analysis for possible upward movement. 

Banknifty option chain analysis

Max pain 37100

PCR 0.93

Data shows FII and PRO became highly bearish within one day. This indicates the market will be very choppy in the coming days.

Options data and premium decay shows possible upside movement of 5%, and the downside is movement is near 0.6%

Astrological view for indices in next week

Solar Eclipse was not visible in India, so it might not significantly impact. 

Mercury and Venus Ingress might give a trending move next week.

Banknifty typically gives a bullish move from the new moon to the full moon. 

International market

The world market is consolidating. The USA is talking to taper bond buying, which will impact the market.

Domestic Market

GDP growth is positive

Major events

RBI policy 6 to 8th December

Banknifty  Weekly levels

Upside 36800, 37230,37750,38220

Downside  35870,35370, 34850,34000

Update on my monthly option strategy

Theta  6800

Vega  -15907

Delta  -26

Total range 33700 - 38300

Will buy synthetic future if the market gives an upward breakout above 36500.


Will move the straddle for every 500 point movement of banknifty in either direction

Thursday, 2 December 2021

Bank Nifty prediction for tomorrow -3rd December

Is today Bank Nifty bullish or bearish?

BNF was bullish as discussed in banknifty trade plan analysis for  2nd Dec. Bank future comfortable closed above 144 ema. 

The chart is bullish in the hourly time frame but still bearish in the day and week. 

Banknifty spot daily chart 

How can we predict the Bank Nifty movement?

Tomorrow's trade plan can be formulated based on Future and option data change for the last 5 days,  various values of various parameters, and multi-timeframe analysis of the chart.

Option  parameters 

PCR.               91

VIX                18

IV                    21.4 

HV ( 10 days)  25.27

Max pain         36500

Historical volatility for 10 days is higher than IV, so option writing should be avoided or minimized. 

Monthly Open interest 

  • Put option   170037
  • Call option  185051

Source: valuestock

The data shows the market is in a total bullish phase.

Multitime frame banknidty chart tradingview

Multi-time time frame CCI chart shows nifty bank future is in the super bullish zone. Usually, this break out of CCI 34 in 30 minutes above 100 is a solid bullish trend, continuing for 1 or 2 days. 
CCI multi-timeframe indicator works as a leading indicator as it shows early signs of trend change unless other moving averages and technical parameters.

Experts views on Bank Nifty

Moneycontrol portal suggests banknifty is in a robust bearish zone. 

It is bearish based on standard parameters like :

RSI, Stochastic, CCI, ADX 

Common moving average crossovers  indicates weakness

Price is trading below 12,21,34,55, and 89 ema, so all these moving averages will act as dynamic resistances for banknifty 

Bank Nifty prediction astrology

Banknifty might see a bullish move under Visaka star. 

Impact of COVID 3rd wave

Omicron detected in India, Ths will harm the market.

Bank Nifty prediction for tomorrow

I will continue with a bullish view until CCI 34 30 trades below -60. Below 36450 banknifty will be weak.

The strategy is to sell near resistance. 

Update on my monthly banknifty option strategy

Delta  -26

Theta  6000

Vega   -16500

I will add another long based on CCI values during trading hours. I avoid buying options as vix is high. 

Click the link to view the bank nifty investing home page for the most recent news and trading opportunity.

Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Banknifty trade plan for 2nd December

How did banknifty perform today?

Banknifty gave a good trending move today, as predicted in yesterday's article on the banknifty trade plan.  Banknidty closed above 100 DMA, which is a positive sign for the market.

As Per Gann's method, market change trend after 4th. 9th,16th, and 25th day. Today was the 25th day from the start of the downfall.  On 29th November, banknifty made panic low at 35327.9 whereas Gann 135 degree value was 35345. 

If the market does not break 35345 in the next one or two trading days, we can consider BNF gave a new impulse. In this case, price time square happened on 29th November.  If the uptrend continues, we can expect 38% retracement in the coming days. 

What BNF option chain shows?

Reduction in cost of carry indicates short position closed today. The market is again back to buy mode. However, the tend can be confirmed tomorrow after the market opens. 

MAX Pain is at 36300 

PCR  0.91

Banknifty future 30 min chart 

Banknidty closed above 13, 21,34,55 EMA, which is a bullish sign. 

Next dynamic resistances are 36790 (89ema), 37250 (144 ema) 37750 (233 ema) . 

There is a high probability that the market will witness a mega bull rally before the budget.

Astrological view based on NSE daily chart at 9:15

Tomorrow is Rahu star day, so we can expect huge volatility. I expect a gap up open if the international market supports the move.

Banknifty trade plan for 2nd December

  • Buy Above 36450 Tgt 36610, 36735 and 36845  
  • Sell Below 36198 Tgt 36007, 35815 and 35623 

Monthly banknifty position update

Closed 38500 CE sort and new position created at 38000 CE 

Bought Banknifty future one lot 

The overall position has a negative delta

I planned to buy another future based on market trends during market hours.