Monday, 22 November 2021

Day 5 - Update on Banknifty option trading strategies

Update on monthly and weekly Option Strategies 

VIX increased by 18% after a steep fall. 

BATMAN strategy 


Total profit booked: 1.31 lakh.

New position: 

M2M  -2.03 lakh

The position is currently an unbalanced IRONFLY  at 37000.  

Adjustment: The target is to minimize the M2M loss by moving the strikes at breakeven points.

Weekly Ironfly

Profit booked 1725

New position 

Intrade option short profit 2000

Total profit booked till now 224000 ( approx)

Mistakes :

1. Buying hedge before 3:20 PM 
2. Exit intraday CE short position early
3. Entry in PE short position against the direction of the market 
4. Allowing the BATMAN trade to go high positive delta. 



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